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Michael Lerner of Los Angeles Discusses How COVID-19 Has Impacted Photography

COVID-19 has impacted hobbies very similarly to how it has affected industry and commerce, having negative affects on some while bolstering others. Michael Lerner of Los Angeles recognizes that hobbies such as plant care, baking, cooking, and home design have seen a sharp uptick since the beginning of the pandemic. Still, the landscape of some hobbies, such as photography, has changed slightly in the interest of public health. As a ponderer by nature, Michael Lerner likes to dissect some of the ways that photography has been affected by the health crisis.

In the beginning of COVID-19 social distancing mandates, photography was at its most difficult to perform exactly the way it was before. Before the implementation of mask wearing by a large portion of the population, it was much more difficult to photograph in public spaces that were full of individuals sans masks. Many avoided taking photographs of people if they did so only recreationally, as it was difficult to assess whether the photographer or subject had contracted the virus. There was still activity happening in circles Michael Lerner of Los Angeles inhabits, however. He notes that photographers that continued their hobby in the early stages played smart to keep the practice going safely. Areas that were devoid of passerbys due to restrictions stood out as great places to practice taking shots without worrying how people in the foreground and background appeared. It is a rare opportunity to capture popular spaces while they are either empty or mostly so, and many photographers took advantage of the chance to. Some took to nature to capture serene vistas, forests, and gardens. Michael Lerner of Los Angeles recognizes that these pictures served to highlight the solitude inherent to the time and often produced work that spoke volumes. Amateur and hobby photographers have gotten creative with taking pictures in their own spaces as well. Practicing lighting, framing, and capturing dynamic photos within the home has been a great change of pace for photographers that still spend most of their time at home.

In the present, where many areas across the country are still contending with the virus but not quite at their peak, photographers have taken the opportunity to produce work a bit more normally. Some photographers in Michael Lerner’s circle have begun to take pictures of human subjects again. Of course, many of them have changed their process a bit to do so safely. For example, some have their subjects wear masks or remain socially distant. Pictures of people wearing masks have become quite the norm amidst the health crisis, and photographers were largely responsible for causing this zeitgeist change to occur. Some photographers have taken to taking pictures of growing crowds safely as well, which serves to capture images of the return to “a new normal” in our day to day lives. Of course, professional photographers have had to be the most stringent about their processes. The disinfection of photography spaces and areas, distancing, and many other changes have been made for photographers that capture people to continue to do so.

Michael Lerner of Los Angeles acknowledges that photography has seen some changes over the past few months but recognizes that most are simply excited to continue their hobby. Michael Lerner has, over time, seen many trends take place and knows that COVID-19 will eventually pass. In the meantime, he hopes to share some insight into photography to those that need it and will use this site as a resource to expound upon relevant topics.